A candidate is expected to enter into an agreement with the YCMOU by clicking on a “ACCEPT” button during the process of admission which agreement includes conditions for refund. The part of agreement relevant to the conditions of refund are reproduced hereinunder:

The candidate undertakes that

  1. He has gone through the prospectus and the on-screen narrations or directions and has sincerely responded to the on-screen directions.
  2. He has ensured that he is eligible to the program to which he proposes to take admission and that if it is found otherwise, (that is, if he is found not to be fulfilling the conditions of the eligibility at any time as per the rules mentioned in the prospectus or the on-line narrations) his admission will be summarily cancelled and the fees paid to the university will not be refunded in part or in full.

It is mentioned in the prospectus (see Registration (Admission) process, point 4) that the University Fee shall be refunded only if the University is not able to fulfil its stated responsibility (offering the courses or programs due to any reasons ascribable to the University).

If the Amount is debited from Bank account and the Receipt is not Generated Online, Please allow us to generate the receipt for you within 48 Hours. If you have not got the receipt even after 48 hours, Please Submit the TransactionID and your Login ID to notify the Problem to the MKCL/YCMOU Team.

In case of Fee Refund, it will be deposited only in a bank account from which fee payment is made.